Case Summary Citation

City of Longmont Colorado v. Colorado Oil & Gas Association, 369 P.3d 573 (Colo. 2016).


In Colorado, the oil and gas industry's use of hydraulic fracturing, and municipalities’ attempts to restrict where the practice can be done, are at odds. Those in favor of hydraulic fracturing laud the economic benefits and natural gas’s ability to burn cleaner than coal, while those in opposition warn of potential adverse environmental impacts including the strain on water resources in the arid west. The City of Longmont was sued following its enactment of an amendment outlawing hydraulic fracturing within city limits. The City’s amendment was found to be preempted by state law, and thus could not remain in force. While this case plays out in Longmont, Colorado, hydraulic fracturing’s prevalence in the U.S. today ensures the battle between the industry and local governments will remain a common saga.



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