Case Summary Citation

Crow Indian Tribe v. United States,__ F. Supp. 3d __, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 163319, 2018 WL 4568418 (D. Mont. Sept. 24, 2018)


The protection status of the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear continues to elicit debate and find its way into the courtroom. In Crow Indian Tribe v. United States, for the second time in the last decade, a court held the Service’s attempt to delist the Yellowstone Grizzly arbitrary and capricious. Specifically, the court found the Service’s evaluation of remnant populations, recalibration, and genetic health deficient. This case demonstrates the importance in and the resilient motivation behind preserving grizzly bear populations and genetics. As the practice of delisting a species under the Endangered Species Act continues, this case will provide important persuasive precedent in those inevitable future cases.



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