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Aboriginal students’ education has always been the concern of the Ministry of Education in order to achieve equity in education. Among the factors that influence the poor outcomes for aboriginal students have been attributed to their poor literacy skill in both mathematics and language. Like in other dimensions, there is still much to be understood about the numeracy competency of aboriginal students. The objectives of this study are to identify the numeracy competency of primary-school aboriginal students and investigate the relationship between their performances in written and oral tests. To identify numeracy competency, 87 aboriginal students in Johor participated in a written numeracy test and their results were analysed using percentages. A paired samples t-test and Pearson correlation was used to compare written and oral test scores from randomly selected 44 students. The findings showed that the numeracy competency of the aboriginal students is at the moderate level with mean score 52.25% in written test. A significant difference was noted between the students’ performances in the written and oral tests. Meanwhile, the relationship between their performances in both tests is significant with correlation coefficient 0.53. In conclusion, this study suggests that continuous efforts to improve numeracy competency among aboriginal students should be given serious attention while different form of assessments which handle language obstacles should be strictly observed by the associated parties.

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