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This paper introduces the model of instrumental meta-orchestration (IMO), as an extension of the model of instrumental orchestration. This IMO model is defined as a systematic and intentional monitoring, by a teacher educator, of artefacts and teachers (or pre-service teachers) for facing a Meta-situation, defined as a composition of situations of different natures and difficulty levels. An IMO, in itself, is a composition of instrumental orchestrations (sequenced or interwoven). This paper presents and discusses an instrumental meta-orchestration experienced in a class of undergraduate mathematics teachers. The development of the initial model results in: new concepts, such as ad hoc reaction, didactic meta-configuration, exploitation modes and didactic meta-performance; new features, such as flexibility and interactivity; and new phenomena, such as cascade effects. It also reveals the importance of unexpected events that occur between orchestrations. Moreover, it expanded the forms of destination for evaluating specific online documents, which are named webdocs. Finally, the paper discusses the contribution to mathematics teacher education of such an extended model.

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