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The e-textbook is one of the main resources that distance learning institutions make available in the virtual learning environment (VLE) for teachers and students. According to the Brazilian References for Distance Learning, the authors should follow some methodological, epistemological and political principles for its production: to allow students and teachers (educator and tutor) to construct knowledge through interaction with peers. In this paper we seek to map the enrichment of the content in DE carried out by teachers’ educator, from the use of e-textbook, in the light of the analysis of the teacher’s instrumental orchestrations. The theoretical framework comprised Luc Trouche's Instrumental Orchestration, focused on understanding the didactic configuration. Three trainers of Analytical Geometry from two courses of Mathematics teachers’ initial education of Brazilian Open University composed our subjects. As for the method, we adopted some techniques used in the documentational approach to didactics, introduced by Ghislaine Gueudet and Luc Trouche. We made a virtual visit to the teachers' virtual classroom protocols in VLE, and then an interview with each teacher was undertaken. Finally, we asked them to draw a map of the resources they use in class. Our results revealed the need to add other content resources, during didactic mediation forcing the teacher to change his didactic configurations, and the need to think about a collective construction of the e-textbook, discussing in parallel with the main authors of distance learning, teachers and tutors of the performers.

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