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This article illustrates how videos generated through capturing touches on screens (screenrecording) can assist in analyses related to manipulation and reasoning by primary education learners in solving geometry tasks. We are presenting two protocols as ways to elucidate the use of application AZ Screen Recorder in learning about parallel lines intersected by a transversal line. In the first protocol, the interactions and the ways adopted by the subjects when analyzing the relation between corresponding angles are highlighted. In the second protocol, the relevant aspects are related to the particularities of the atmosphere of dynamic geometry used and the strategies adopted by the learners in the study of corresponding angles and collateral internal angles. The screen recording allowed us to (re)view the students’ touches in two simultaneous sources (audio and interactions on screen), using the same application. The analyses point to the fact that screenrecording made it possible to identify interactions on screen, especially through synchronicity, which contributed to track learning processes and to reformulate a research planning.

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