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In the first months of life, babies develop visual perception. The notions of space evolve in the everyday of experiences, the recognition of the self through your body, and relationships with others. The topological notions developed by babies correspond to closeness, proximity, continuity and separation. As babies grow, their skills are developed both in the projective space and in the geometric space. These even influence the baby's development in an integral way. This article intends to present results of the topological notions of closure, proximity separation and projections in the baby’s space. This qualitative research is developed under a descriptive perspective with interdisciplinary contributions. Data collection was made from cartography, photographic and filmic records of babies in different cities in Brazil and Colombia. The reflections developed point to the development of perception from the offer of multiple experiences since the first months. In addition, it is evident that the understanding of important mathematical concepts happens since the beginning of life, from everyday experiences of exploration and relationship with spaces and regardless of the formal school learning of geometry and its concepts.

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