Franke GLI Presentations at UMCUR



Submissions from 2023


Bear Smart UM: Creating a University Campus Safe for Bears and Students, Kailie Blanco, Emily Cook, Ridley Hudson, Nieset Lefevre, Ellie Lowe, Josh Moyar, and Kailie Todd

Addressing Eco-Emotions: An Initiative for Coping with Climate-Induced Emotional Distress, Kaitlyn M. Blume, Cassie Berg, sylvia wood, Jack Person, Sylvia Luceno, Alis Auch, and Siena Cysewski

Cooking with a Conscience, Jonah Britton, Sonia Bornemann, Ashley Wilson, Mogran White, Brooke Deruwe, Hallee Olsen, Kennedy Delap, and Aidan Potter

Barriers to Outdoor Recreation for Marginalized Communities at the University of MT, Beatrix A. Frissell

Alienation as a Global and Local Issue, Sequoia Gregorich, Cole Mathews, Daniel Ryan, Alexandra Berna, and Olivia Kalvig

Brave Spaces, Radical Openness, and Youth Loneliness, Riese Munoz, Mariah Thomas, and Taylor Curry

Preparing the Younger Generation for a Better Future with Wildfire, Elizabeth Riddle, Rory Mclaverty, Katherine Wendeln, Lillian Hollibaugh, Mackenzie Weiland, and Aubrey Frissell

Women of Missoula: Menstruation and Refugees, Bella Spencer, Samantha Boutte, Emmily Valencia, Brooklyn Grubbs, and Holly Sudol

Stories From the Clark Fork: Empowering Community Watershed Advocacy through a Multi-Media Film Project, Kelsey Stansberry, Caroline Kane, William Smyth, Wyatt Day, and Melissa Brand

Medical Waste Awareness Day, Lauren Tucker, Wyatt Walters, Savannah Withrow, and Kayla Leavell

Submissions from 2022

Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Capstone Presentations


Mindful Youth: Empowering Adolescents to Own their Mental Health through an Interactive Online Platform, Rachel Gebhardt, Jesse Jewel, Jewel Wicks, Serena Gardner, Kate Hess, and Diana Urey


The Global Credit Score Panel, Esther Lyon Delsordo, Cory Emlen, Betta Lyon-Delsordo, and Trinity Kurr

Unite Missoula: Applying Best Fundraising Practices to Refugee Resettlement, Heidi Martin, Jasmine Doremus, Hanna Brann, Elizabeth LaRance, Sam Massey, John Bazant, and Benjamin Blackwell

Web-Based Resource to Aid Newcomer Integration in the Missoula Community, Isabelle Melton, Lindsey Roosa, Augusta Reinhart, Millie Espeseth, and Graham Whitney

Biomimetic and Passive Strategies to Improve Classroom Acoustics, Niel Mondava, Claire Woody, Rosie Ferguson, and Raina Woolworth


Food Systems Relating to Greenness, Aidan Morton, Madison Seigler, Jacob Tutty, Victoria Bloomgren, Cassie Williams, and Julia Anderson


Rethinking Trust, Reconnecting Us - Website and Campaign to Combat Misinformation, Jacob Owens, Connor Dunlap, Ben Brodhead, Reed Lindsey, Colin Mclean, and Elle Wilgus


Combating Loneliness: An Intergenerational Pen Pal Program, Hailey Powell, Addie Slanger, Maria Goheen, Brenna Spurling, and Mazana Boerboom


Indigenous (Mis)Representation: Implications for the MMIWG2S Epidemic, Emma Swartz, Chloe Burnstein, Desi Greer, Danara Greer, Jillian TopSky, and Sam Severson

Managing Culturally Significant Land: The Badger-Two Medicine Area as a Case Study, Ava Sweet, John Mills, Adison Thorp, Dante Filpula Ankney, and Hayden Blackford


Healthy Dialogue as the Impetus of Change: Emotional, Intellectual, & Substantive Conversations about the Environment and Climate Change, Abigail Vogt, Damara Stewart, Sierra Franklin, Cara Shepard, Sarah Griffin, and Rowan Ulrigg

Submissions from 2021


The MMM Initiative, Erika Byrne, Amanda Cunningham, Brianna Bal, Christian Pfeifer, McKenna Jones, Jaime Breisch, Rachel Brosten, and Noelle Annonen


Lobbying for Medicated Assisted Treatment in Montana, Asia Chhon, Mason Hutchinson, Taylor Hill, Alex Whaples, and Kian Speck


COVID-19’s Impact on Western Montana’s Food System Resiliency, Sis Gibson, Sydney Lang, Bella Butler, Lili Pongracz, Michael Martello, Trevor Finney, Liam Hauck, and Jared Gibbs


Planning Beyond the Pandemic: Assessing the Value of Alternative Exchange Programs, Chloe Loeffelholz, Camryn Vaughn, Makkie Haller, and Taylor Gregory


Cultural Expression Through Art, Natalie Martin, Madeline Damon, Lauren Sullivan, and George Finn


REWILDING CHILDREN: Creating Digital Tools for K-5 Wildlife Education, Ashley Sinclair, Jeffrey Hyer, Mitchell Reynolds, Megan Jackson, Makayla Haynes, Nicole Ballard, and Katelyn Graybeal


Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on UMT Students' Mental Health, Sami Sykes, Haylie Peacock, JT Vineyard, Talia Randle, Kit Smith, Liza Donier, Katrina Liston, and Elaine Chandler


Nutritional Access and Resource Knowledge in College, Morgan Weidow, Darra Perdaems, Drake Leonard, Madi Kohls, and Brooklyn Cunningham

Submissions from 2020


Raise the Flag: Spreading Awareness of the Sex Trafficking Crisis Through Social Media, Courtney Bentz, Abigail Borden, Peter Kolokotrones, Nate Capener, and Alyssa Stokovich


The Power of Peers: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic through Peer Support Programs, Claire Nicole Everingham, Carly Zilge, Canyon Hohenstein, Bailey Carpenter, and Sarah Wells


Reentry Resources Missoula, Daniel Parsons, Grace Dunnehoff, Jazzlyn Johnson, Gwenith Meske, Daisy Ward, Elizabeth Williams, and Marianna Yearboro


Green Home Montana: Eco-friendly Housing and Living Practices, Karlyn Roberts, Nicolas Ream, Savannah Willison, and Dylan Trent


Can One Person Impact Climate Change?, Morgan Sarmento, Emma Kiefer, Carmyn Wahl, Mason Dow, and Madeline Broom


Culture Connect: Diversity Resource Toolkit, Delaney Slade, Danika Bosch-Greer, Kelsey Noble, Mollie Lemm, Anna Potter, Erin Landis, and Abigail Nurvic

Submissions from 2019

Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Capstone Presentations

Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Capstone Presentations


Effects of Climate Change on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Public Health Implications in Western Montana, Ella B. Baumgarten, Maxwell Enger, Benjamin V. Hickey, Ronan Kennedy, Tiffany Matthews, and Sydney Qualls

Eating Insects: A Community Action Toolkit, Lily Chumrau, Charlotte Langner, Mary McCormick, Freya Sargent, and Ellen Sears

Bug Bites: Eating Insects on Purpose!, Ellie Gluhosky, Lauren Clark, Kaitlyn Anderson, Spencer Lachman, Sarah Lutch, and Dakota Vaccaro

Get Out, Go Wild, Sully R. Magee, Andrew Matsushita, Joseph Carlson, Alexa Millward, Aubrey Mullins, Nani Murray, and Sophia Deroo

Educate, Empower, Change: Strategies for Overcoming Stigmas Surrounding Menstrual Health, Monica Paul, Lea Graham, Madison Haynes, Shaylee Ragar, and Kirsten Tucker

Health and Wellness: Expanding Education for an Under-Addressed Issue, Grace Sievert, Olivia Adams, Crystal Chase, Grady Matter, and Megan Sipes

Border Walls in Montana: Immigration and Integration in Missoula, Schrielle Standish, Natalie Hofstad, Jordan McCloney, and Christa Street

Submissions from 2018


How Do You Love?: Conversations About Love and Lust in Morocco, Sweden, and the United States, Margaret Finlay, Audrey Brosnan, Autumn Fraser, Emily Morrison, Julia Maxon, and Paris Summers

Technological Approach to Recycling Incentives, Cheyenne Goetz, Megan Franz, and Tiffany Folkes

Surveying the Mental Health needs of University Students, Riley W. Kack, Madison Padilla, Jessica Bailey, René Sanchez, Tyler Ferguson, Victoria Gifford, Kelaiah Horat, and Isaac Larowe


What do you want to be when you grow up?, Martha Krebill, Melanie Gagen, Melisande Slater, Anna Peterson, and Nikia Reynolds

Elementary Coding Education, Austin Lindsay, Emily Hake, Catherine Orfanos, Elli Sullivan, Madison Flaget, and Natasha Sullivan


Water and Us: Education as the First Line of Defense, Cassandra Sevigny, Kyra Searcy, Sarah Maxwell, Kevin Mason, Miranda Henrich, and Isabella Diaz


Chasing Plenty: A Documentary on Food Security in Montana, Kurt Swimley, Colin Brust, Aspen Anderson, John Potenberg, and Nathaniel Smith

Submissions from 2017

A Place to Call Home: Experiencing the refugee struggle through simulation, Mckennah Andrews, Emily Eaton, Erika Hidem, Kurt Nickolas Secrest, Jessie Seiler, and Ian Strahn

Raising Cultural Awareness in Undergraduate Students through an Online Pen Pal Program, Rehana Asmi, Lindsey Buck, Madison Hinrichs, Mackenzie Lombardi, Anna Reid, Kayla Robertson, and Jenny-Lin Smith


The Zika Awareness Program at the University of Montana - ZAP UM, Caleb Chestnut, Kierney Ross, Janette Chacon, and Madison Quammen

Bridging the Gap: Producing a play with the Congolese Refugees of Missoula, Rachel Dickson, Sophie Hainline, Elizabeth Koenig, Couso Morpheus, Kathleen Stone, and Taylor Wylie


Managing Stress Through Mindfulness, Christopher Morucci, Alyssa Fusco, and Natalia Boise


Improving landowner access to effective invasive weed management methods, Mackenzie Prichard, Maizie Smith, Mariah McIntosh, Brittan Austin, and Kenley Crisp

Combating Global Sex Trafficking: Addressing its Humanitarian Impact, Sara Stockett, Nasrin Chaudhry, Anastacia Crowe, Claire Michelson, Megan Perry, and Olivia Schuler


Climate Change: Our Adaptive Future in the Columbia and Mekong River Basins, Cassidy D. White, Brandon D. Lowry, Lauren Swett, Thiago Cardoso, Hannah Tibke, and Alex Braun


Fostering Global Citizens: Using Technology to Improve Intercultural Competence Among Study Abroad Students, Hanna Ziegler, Nicole Musci, Megan Allen, Megan Giddings, Tessa Feemster, Max Smithgall, and Annalea Kamplain

Submissions from 2016

Glass Recycling in the Missoula Valley, Katie Atherly, Michelle Nemetchek, Michael Nelson, Megan Jones, and Laura Weingertner

The Boiling Pot: Constructing a Social Space to Instigate Sustainability Conversations, Laura Barta, Wyatt Trull, Avriel Skolnick, Tegan Miller, Teagan Martin, Ashley Perry, and Dylan Portoghese

Bluebird Poetry Project: Slam Poetry as a Therapeutic Intervention for Depression, Mercedes Becker, Spencer Ruchti, Cara McKee, Austin Herron, and Alex Swalling

Small Acts of Silence, Claire Chandler, Megan Nishida, Elaine Kelly, Olivia Keith, and Katherine Leonard

Misinterpretation of Food Labels and Food Waste, Austin Clark, Taylor Craig, Leah Payne, Elizabeth R. Story, and Tana Wilson

Story Talk: The Conversation You've Never Heard, Rebecca Collins, Kimberly Lamar, William Matross, Joel Weltzein, Brianna Zender, Harris Rosendahl, and Kathryn Brandos

ERRA, the Environmental Recycling Research Application, Sam Forstag

Health and the Homeless Population of Missoula: Wet Housing as a Solution, Ciara Gorman, Nicholas Bruner, Sophia Friedl, Marissa Ginnett, Samantha Hodgson, Tessa Richards, and Stefan Riemens

Creating an Effective Global Education Program for Elementary School Children, Mary O'Malley, Paige Sears, Henry Lilly, Jenna Hitchcock, Payton Wulff, Nick Ormsby, and Samuel Wood

Mitigating the Global Issue of Food Waste through Children’s Literature, Nikki Parker, Lisa Morgan, Peregrine Frissell, Leann Skach, Graydon Myhre, and Greg Arno

Milltown State Park Education Project, Caelan Simeone, Mariah Bell, Antonio Morsette, and Paul Paeth

Sexual Consent Education Before Adulthood, Trudy Stebbins, Corlin Reed, Holly Seymour, Patricia Gornick, Julia Read, and Victoria Vandelinde

Submissions from 2015

Making the Most of Intercultural Interactions: Designing a Catalyst for Intercultural Learning at the University of Montana, Amanda Charron, Joseph Crowley, Taylor Dantic, Hannah Goetz, and Ashley Roness

Missoula Bike Swap: Creating a Step-by-Step Guide - A Community Enhancement Project, Madeline Halverson, Cody Dems, Brigitte Donahugh, Sheridan Cook, and Danielle Albo

Montana: Humanizing the Wage Debate, Katheryn Houghton, Dani Howlett, Kaci Felstet, and Mackenzie Enich

Getting Wild at School: adopting a Wilderness-based orientation program, Emily McKay, Alanna Wulf, Thomas McKean, Jennifer Nelson, Harold Kelley, and Thomas Egland

Realizing Sustainability: Exchanging Concepts for Solutions, Kylie Rebich, Ashley Kanduch, Natalie Black, Azucena Martinez, Rebecca Singleton, and Luke Ninteman

UM Volunteers for Global Health Access, Rachael Schmoker, Kyla Crisp, Dylan Chaffin, and Taylor Preston

Expressive Arts as a Means of Increasing Well-Being in Children, Emily Vascimini, Jordan Frotz, HanaSara Ito, and Danielle Smith