The Mathematics Enthusiast

Volume 17, Numbers 2 & 3 (June 2020)

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. -- Henry David Thoreau


Theme 1: The Unique Nature of the Curriculum, Knowledge, and Participants in Mathematics Content Courses for Prospective Elementary Teachers


Exploring mathematical knowledge for teaching teachers: Supporting prospective elementary teachers’ relearning of mathematics
Alison Castro Superfine, Priya V. Prasad, Rachael M. Welder, Dana Olanoff, and Christina Eubanks-Turner

Theme 2: Professional Development for Mathematics Teacher Educators Focused on the Teaching of Mathematics Content Courses for Prospective Elementary Teachers


Supporting novice mathematics teacher educators teaching elementary mathematics content courses for the first time
Siobahn Suppa, Joseph DiNapoli, Eva Thanheiser, Jennifer M. Tobias, and Sheunghyun Yeo


Professional development for mathematics teacher education faculty: Need and design
Billy Jackson, Shandy Hauk, Jenq Jong Tsay, and Alma Ramirez

Theme 3: Promoting and Facilitating Prospective Elementary Teachers' Learning in Mathematics Content Courses: Activities, Lesson Ideas, Examples and Suggestions for Mathematics Teacher Educators


The role of uncertainty in mathematical tasks for prospective elementary teachers
Ziv Feldman, Megan Wickstrom, Sayonita Ghosh Hajra, and Dittika Gupta


Guest Editor
Aina Appova
Guest Editor
Rachael M. Welder
Guest Editor
Ziv Feldman

Special Issue:

Supporting Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Knowledge and Practices for Teaching Content to Prospective (Grades K–8) Teachers