The Mathematics Enthusiast

Volume 16, Numbers 1 & 2 (January 2019)

“Saying nothing...sometimes says the most." - Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)



Bharath Sriraman



A scientometric look at mathematics education from Scopus database
Miguel Cruz Ramirez and Rafael Armando Rodriguez Devesa


Clockface polygons and the collective joy of making mathematics together
Corey Brady, Rachel Blough, Kaitlyn Hollister, Peter (Tyree) Jordan, Samantha Marshall, Isaac Nichols, Lauren Vogelstein, and Panchompoo (Fai) Wisittanawat


Elementary teachers on orchestrating teaching for mathematically highly able pupils
Elisabet Mellroth, Jorryt van Bommel, and Yvonne Liljekvist


Extending Modelling Activity Diagrams as a tool to characterise mathematical modelling processes
Lluis Albarracin, Jonas Arleback, Elisabeth Civil, and Nuria Gorgorio


Number series and computer
Petr Eisenmann and Martin Kuril


Integrating Knowledge for Instruction: A Tale of Two Teachers
David D. Barker, John K. Lannin, Matthew S. Winsor, and J. Vince Kirwan


Revisiting Multiplication Area Models for Whole Numbers
Oh Hoon Kwon, Ji-Won Son, and Ji Yeong I


The derivative notion revised: The fractional case
Juan E. Napoles Valdes and Maria N. Quevedo


A Problem Solving Medicine Wheel
Paul Betts and Sari Rosenberg


Evaluation of the Maths Arcade initiative at five U.K. universities
Peter Rowlett, Kingsley Webster, Noel-Ann Bradshaw, and James Hind


Journaling to Support Student Learning: The Case of an Elementary Number Theory Course
Christina Starkey, Hiroko K. Warshauer, and Max Warshauer


Factors that Influence Mathematical Creativity
Joseph S. Kozlowski, Scott A. Chamberlin, and Eric Mann